Safeguarding Children in Sport a Priority – Grange

The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, says the development of a Policy and Regulatory Framework for Safeguarding Children in Sport is a “priority” for her Ministry.

The Minister said that she has given instructions to develop the Policy and Regulatory Framework.

“We have conducted research on existing practices and we are now moving quickly to strengthen the mechanisms to ensure that children in sport are not harmed in anyway; that they are able to enjoy sport and make participation in sporting activity as a way of life and that fit and proper people are involved in all areas of children’s sport,” said the Minister.

Speaking at the launch of the Kiddy Cricket Academic Manual – Chirpy’s Classroom Adventure – Minister Grange said that she is “determined to ensure that all children take part in and develop a love of sport and physical activity, but in circumstances that guarantee their safety, protection and overall well-being.”

“I have heard of allegations of abuse of all sorts: verbal, physical, sexual and over-training. Today, I warn those adults who are exploiting their privileged positions with children in sports that once they are discovered, they will be appropriately dealt with.”

Minister Grange also called on all the attendees to view each child as their own and to
“be vigilant and zealous about the care and protection of all our children.”

“We can end abuse in sports and create harmonious environments for our children, but it requires all of us to take action,” she added.

Minister Grange commended Scotiabank and the West Indies Cricket Board on the step taken to support the development of cricket across the region and to build on this proud element of our cultural heritage.

“Kiddy Cricket is in harmony with Jamaican government policy to develop sport from the grassroots to the high performance level and ensuring that sports become a way of life for more than 70 percent of our population within the next few years.”




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