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Iconic Pieces from Trinidad Carnival to be Featured at this year’s Grand Gala

Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Honourable Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, has announced the inclusion of ‘Saga Boy’ and ‘Tan Tan’, two iconic pieces from the Trinidad carnival, by renowned Trinidadian artist, Peter Minshall, in this year’s Grand Gala.

“The Saga Boy and Tan Tan giant puppets are the most popular of Minshall’s work. They showcase the human spirit and are a great expression of our creativity as Caribbean people. The spectacular display of both these iconic pieces will give a good glimpse of what to expect for our 55th Independence celebrations come next year,” the Minister added.

The announcement came following a recent visit to the twin island Republic, to explore possible partnerships for the advancement of culture, as both countries celebrate their 54th year of independence.

"Incorporating the work of this iconic Caribbean artist into our national celebrations is an indication of true Caribbean unity.  It is also an important collaboration as both countries seek new avenues of cooperation in culture and the creative industries," Minister Grange said.

Minshall also conveyed his delight in being approached by Jamaica and expressed gratitude for having his work included in one of the country’s most significant and historic events.

Grand Gala will take place on Independence Day, August 6, at the National Stadium in Kingston.



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