15 Jun 2019

Kingston 20 May 2019 – The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, has told the Reggae Girlz that the entire nation is behind them as they departed Jamaica on Monday (today) to begin final preparation for the FIFA Women’s World Cup. 

Addressing the Girlz at a send-off reception at the Norman Manley International Airport, Minister Grange said the entire Jamaica was proud of their accomplishments to date. 

"As Minister, I must tell you that I couldn’t be prouder.  But I just want to remind you to strike hard.” 

Minister Grange said she was encouraged by the performance of the team in the friendly international against Panama at the National Stadium on Sunday, which Jamaica won 3-1. 

“You really looked good and you made us feel good,” remarked Minister Grange while urging the players to remain focused and continue training hard. 

“Each of you has the kind of grit and determination to make things happen.  That is why you are part of this squad to the FIFA Women’s World Cup.   This is the chance of a lifetime and so you have to resolve to make the best of it.  Always work hard.  Never give up.  Fight until the end." 

The Reggae Girlz captain Konya Plummer presented Minister Grange with a football signed by members of the team. 

Monday’s send-off was organised by Caribbean Airlines, the travel sponsor of the Reggae Girlz.  Minister Grange thanked the company for its support and repeated her call for other corporate entities to get behind the national women’s team.

15 Jun 2019

Kingston, 9 May 2019 – The Honourable Olivia Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport today announced that Government has signed a contract with APEC Consultants in relation to the redevelopment of the National Stadium and the Trelawny Stadium. 

The Sport Minister made the announcement as she spoke at the launch function for the 2019 Racers Grand Prix which was held at the Jamaica Pegasus.

“The contract which is valued at Thirty-Million (JA$30M) is for the development of financing proposals for the redevelopment, expansion, and upgrading of these two national facilities. 

“The contract was signed under a programme facilitated by the Public Sector Investment Management Secretariat (PIMSEC) which falls under the Ministry of Finance and aims to streamline the preparation, appraisal of all Government projects to ensure that the Government receives value for money. 

“At the end of the four months for which the contract is signed, we will have a business plan and architectural design for both facilities. 

“There will be a state of the art anti-doping facility at the National Stadium and at least 10,000 more seats. The Bleachers section will also be partly covered.” 

Miss Grange said that the existing velodrome at the National Stadium will also be removed and new one built and there will also be a new Royal Box. 

She said facilities for the media will be put in with upgraded broadcast infrastructure as well as a state of the art gymnasium and meeting and conference rooms “for ongoing small events. 

“At the Trelawny Stadium, a cricket academy will be established along with a running track, a basketball arena, a baseball diamond and that facility too will have a state of the art gym. 

“The redevelopment project will bring the National Stadium and the Trelawny Stadium up to first world standards putting us in a position to demand our share of the lucrative Sports Tourism Market as well as positioning us to host major international sports events in the National Stadium. These facilities will transcend the staging of Sporting events, offering also exciting options for Festival and entertainment events. 

“So ladies and gentlemen, the Government of Jamaica remains firm in its commitment to advance the development of sport and entertainment as critical components of nation building.”  

In congratulating Racers Track Club, Miss Grange said that, “In a short four years, the reputation of the Racers Grand Prix has grown to match those of any of the major stagers of international track and field meets.
“This is not surprising because of the work that the Racers Track Club has put in to make the Grand Prix worthy of world ranking. 

The Racers Grand Prix will be held at the National Stadium on June 8.

15 Jun 2019

Kingston, 8 May 2019 – The Honourable Olivia Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, has said that it is a proud accomplishment that the 2019 Institute of Sports (INSPORTS) Primary School Track and Field Championship has attracted a record number of schools from all of the parishes.

Minister Grange spoke today at the National Indoor Sports Centre as she officially launched the 39th staging of the Meet, which starts tomorrow (May 9), “This year it is a record 217 schools and all 14 parishes that have indicated they are participating. Is this not wonderful that a record has already been set without a race being run. 

Miss Grange pointed to the fact that as of this year, because of the substantial increase in the number of participating schools, the championships is now zoned into Eastern, Western and Central. 

 “We must note that this accomplishment is due to the outstanding work of the INSPORT staff in the field and with assistance from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information.”  
“As we develop even further, my vision for the 40th staging next year, is to host in the National Stadium a boys and girls’ primary schools’ championships as big as the secondary schools’ championships.”

She paid tribute to retired Sports Officer Keith Lattimore, whose pioneering work was responsible for the Meet which started with just five schools.  

The Sport Minister announced that this year, the top school will receive $250,000.00; second place $200,000.00 and third place $150,000.00. Schools placing from 4th to 10th will receive $75,000.00 each. 

She said the prize money will be used for the purchase of gear and equipment for the winning school. 

“I urge Jamaicans to come out to see the wonderful performances that we know these youngsters are capable of.” 

The three-day Meet, which takes place at the National Stadium, is free to the public.

15 Jun 2019

Kingston 4 May 2019 – Prime Minister, the Most Honourable Andrew Holness, and the Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, have hosted the national Special Olympics team at a special reception at Jamaica House on Friday (3 May 2019).

Minister Grange said the reception “was about showing support, love and appreciation for our Special Olympics team that did so well at the World Summer Games in Abu Dhabi in March.”

The Jamaican team won 14 gold, 10 silver and 8 bronze medals in Abu Dhabi, which represents our nation’s best showing at the Special Olympics World Games.

Minister Grange said the team deserves special accolades for their performances.

According to the Minister, “I cannot think of another team that tries as hard, that overcomes as much, that inspires us as much as our Special Olympians do. They deserve all our praise and all our support.”

Minister Grange also used the opportunity to announce that a member of the team — Badminton player Travis Ebanks — had been awarded a scholarship to complete tertiary studies.

“Our special athletes are succeeding in every area of life — including academics. Tonight we especially celebrate Travis Ebanks. Travis is in his final year as a law student at the University of the West Indies, but it has been a challenge for Travis. When I heard that he was having financial difficulty and was in danger of dropping out of the programme, I made the decision that must never happen.

I’m proud to say that he has been awarded a full scholarship; he will continue his programme; he will overcome another challenge; and he will graduate from law school.”

Minister Grange thanked the Principal of the UWI, Mona Campus, Professor Dale Webber; Mrs. Arlene Supersad; and Dr. Denise Eldemire Shearer for helping to secure a scholarship for Travis Ebanks.

Each member of the Special Olympics team was presented with a certificate at the Jamaica House reception.

15 Jun 2019

Kingston, February 2 - The Honourable Olivia Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport today told the Jamaica Tallawahs franchise of the Caribbean Premier League that from now on Government of Jamaica support of the Tallawahs will be on a more long term basis.

Addressing a news conference called by the Tallawahs at the Jamaica Pegasus, the Sport Minister said:

“We are speaking about an arrangement between the Government of Jamaica and the Jamaica Tallawahs that will be at least for three years, perhaps longer.

We saw that as the most suitable way forward to guard against Government having to respond to requests at the last minute. It affords us room to plan properly for the assistance that Government will be providing the Tallawahs.”

Miss Grange said that the Government sees collaboration with the Tallawahs as one clear way to increase investment in sporting activities that will contribute to the continued building of Brand Jamaica, “as we seek to maximize our returns from sports.”

“The Government fully endorses the franchise”, the Sport Minister said, as she announced that her Ministry had committed Two-point-Seven Million Dollars to facilitate the hosting of the 2019 CPL T20 Series in Jamaica. “In addition, the Sport Development Foundation (SDF), which falls under my Ministry, is providing support up to a maximum of Ten Million Jamaican Dollars in cash and in kind.

“This will facilitate the entry of all equipment which will be exported at the end of the series - cash sponsorship of JAD$4.6M and the guaranteed purchase of 60 tickets for all five nights along with two VIP boxes valued at JAD$1.1M for the hosting of special guests.

“I am pleased also to inform you that the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) has agreed to a discount on transportation services during the period of the matches based on my representation on behalf of the Tallawahs. There are other negotiations taking place which will result in other tangible support. We will provide an update on these negotiations.

“I must mention the Prime Minister’s assistance in Pepsi Cola Jamaica” becoming a Tallawahs sponsor. You might say Prime Minister Holiness, the Most Honourable Andrew Holness was a “match maker” in this union.

“We are happy with the news that Cricket West Indies has been able to make it possible for all the best Caribbean cricketers to take part in the tournament.

"So fans we will be treated not just to the best of our Caribbean cricketers, but to many of the top international players for 34 matches of high intensity cricket.

“Perhaps the news that makes us the happiest is that Chris Gayle will be returning to the Tallawahs and returning as Captain.

"We wish the Tallawahs every success on the staging of this exciting tournament as we continue our collaboration to present the games at the highest level."

15 Jun 2019

Kingston 24 April 2019 – The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, has announced a “new approach to how the Ministry makes decisions” and how it will "direct investments in sport.”

Minister Grange outlined the new approach in a meeting with national sports federations and associations on Wednesday (today).

In explaining the reason for the changes, Minister Grange said:

"Public funding of sports is an investment for which good returns are expected. Therefore, we must review and update our processes to ensure that public money that is invested with sport governing bodies is well managed. At the end of the day, we must all be able to say we received value for money from our expenditure on sport.”

Under the new arrangements, the Sports Development Foundation will no longer consider requests for funding from sports federations/associations without a full accounting for monies being requested. Federations/associations are also now required to submit outstanding financial reports to be eligible for further financial support.

Minister Grange made clear that the new requirement will also apply in the case of requests to use national sports facilities. The new approach also has implications not only for sports governing bodies but for other entities that organise and promote competitions and which seek sponsorship from the SDF and from the Ministry.

“I believe this new requirement will help us to bring about greater accountability — which is something that we all desire,” said Minister Grange. She continued: “Greater accountability will also make local federations more attractive to private sector sponsors. There is no downside to having greater accountability.”

The Minister pointed out that some national federations/associations do not routinely submit financial reports, and urged them to move swiftly to become compliant with the reporting requirements.

Minister Grange said:

“If you receive over five million dollars from the Sports Development Foundation as subvention, you must provide audited financial statements annually. If you receive below five million dollars, you need to submit a financial statement.

“The organisations that receive monthly subventions must submit quarterly reports.

“And so I’m putting everybody on notice. If [your quarterly reports are] not submitted, your monthly subvention will be held. In other words, I’m saying to you, we have to get our house in order, we have to respond to you when you call on us, so you need to get your house in order so that we, as a team, can proudly say to the people of Jamaica ‘your money is being wisely spent’”.


15 Jun 2019

Kingston 9 April 2019 – The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, has congratulated the national team which competed in the Rally Trinidad on the weekend.

Minister Grange said:

“Last week I challenged you to come back home with more trophies than you did in Guyana a few months ago, and you have delivered. The entire team represented Jamaica very well, but I must say special congratulations to Kyle and Marcia who topped all competitors.”

Kyle ‘Speedy’ Gregg and Marcia Dawes emerged as overall winners of the rally.

Bobby Marshall and Michelle Laidlaw copped 2nd place in their group.


15 Jun 2019

Kingston, March 26 – The Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport is continuing its preparation for the National Sport Museum by acquiring 3D scanners for digitising artefacts that will be on display in the National Sport Museum, when established.

The Minister, the Honourable Olivia Grange, made the disclosure at a Digital Asset Workshop organised by the Ministry at the Creative Production and Training Centre today.

“I should inform you that the two 3D Scanners that you see being used here in the training were just acquired by the Ministry. For the time being, the scanners will be used by the Institute of Jamaica and the National Library of Jamaica which will hold them in safekeeping for the Museum,”

Minister Grange said.

Minister Grange said that the Workshop will provide “a pool of trained digitisers” who the Ministry can call on to do work for the National Sport Museum even as they put their training to use in their own organisations.

The National Sport Museum will serve as a knowledge bank, collecting and documenting material pertinent to Jamaicans who have dedicated their lives as athletes and support personnel. 

Minister Grange said also that not only will there be a Virtual Museum that will precede the physical museum, but her Ministry “plans to stage periodic exhibitions of the artefacts now in the National Sport Museum collection.” 

Meanwhile, former Hockey Player and Administrator, Kay Wilson donated a number of her trophies and personal items to the National Sport Museum. The items will be digitised tomorrow during the third day of the Workshop. 

Other items being digitised are: a replica of the London 2012 Olympic Torch, a pair of Veronica Campbell Brown’s running shoes, two ice hockey pucks, a baseball cap and the competition suit of Namibian 200-metre star, Frankie Fredericks.

15 Jun 2019

Kingston, March 21 – The Honourable Olivia Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, has described as “a great display” the performance by Jamaica’s team to the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi. 

The Sport Minister’s comment follows Jamaica’s 15 gold in its 33 medal haul at the Special Olympics which exceeds all previous performances by a Jamaica Special Olympics team. With the gold medals, there were 10 silver and eight bronze. 

“Our Special Olympians have consistently done well, giving us much to celebrate and have certainly played their part in making Jamaica the great sporting nation that it is. 

“I wish not only to congratulate the Special Olympians but to praise team support staff and officials for their dedicated service and leadership. 

“I look forward to welcoming home from Abu Dhabi our valiant Special Olympians on behalf of a proud and grateful nation.”

15 Jun 2019

Kingston, March 19 – The Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, has contributed 3.5 million dollars to Netball Jamaica to help send the Sunshine Girls to the 2019 Netball World Cup in Liverpool, England.

The Minister, the Honourable Olivia Grange presented the cheque to Tricia Robinson, 1st Vice President of Netball Jamaica today.

“I am happy to present this cheque of 3.5 million dollars to Netball Jamaica which will be of great assistance as you prepare for the World Cup. Jamaica is fortunate. This is the year of the girls, our Sunshine Girls are going to England in July and our Reggae Girls to France in June. We are looking for great things,“

Minister Grange said.

The Sunshine Girls who are ranked third in the world have qualified for the World Cup every year since 2015.

The Ministry’s contribution to the Sunshine Girls is being provided through the Sports Development Foundation.

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